Audencia, an international environment

How to improve our international skills, if it is not without to practice close to different people from all nationalities ?

Audencia Business School is an international business school which welcomes students around fifty different nationalities.

This article will give you an idea of the international atmosphere inside the study class. Karima Boujane from the specialized master MCI (Management and International Skills) and Letizia Vassalot from the master EIBM (European and International Business Management) used to work together during the common courses at school and gave their feedback in the following interview.

  • Can you tell us about yourself?  

Karima Boujane: I’m actually following a specialized Master in Audencia (Management and International Skills). I also have a financial Master degree. I’ve worked as a SC project manager for a pharmaceutical company and I had the opportunity to work on the implementation of a digital project in the North Africa market for that company which led me to do this training.

Letizia Vassalo: I’m a master student attending a trinational Master program in Business and Administration (EIBM) in Audencia. Due to my multinational background – my mum is Spanish, my father is Italian and I was born and grew up in Germany – I decided to join an international training courses.

  • Why have you chosen Audencia Business School?

Karima Boujane: I chose Audencia because it’s a prestigious and well known Business School that provides to its students high quality of education and be a part of Audencia network.

Letizia Vassalo: Audencia Business School is part of the trinational Master program offered by Deusto Business School in Bilbao. After researching and talking to my French friends, I have noticed the importance of this Business School in France. For that reason and because of the uniqueness of this international program, I have chosen Audencia Business School.

  • Why do you want to pursue this degree particularly?

Karima Boujane: I also chose it because the program (MCI) matches perfectly my aspirations which are to orientate my career internationally and work on digital project management.

Letizia Vassalo: My expectations of this degree are to become a high level formation as well as to improve my intercultural skills by living in other countries and working with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

  •  How would (MCI, MASC, EIBM master) help you achieve your goal? or How did you decide upon your career goal(s)? What are they?

Karima Boujane: MCI degree will enable me to work on International project management and deepen my knowledge and skills in the retail industry and capitalize on those experiences to build career in the digital counselling.

Letizia Vassalo: At the EIBM Master there are 24 persons from 11 nationalities. We are in a constantly contact with other cultures, which open our mind and lead us to be more understanding. Also the formation is a very well known one. This can be an important advantage at the moment I will look for a job.

  • How do you approach courses and projects with your perspectives?

Karima Boujane: These courses will enable me to acquire the right tools and methodology to complement my skills and prepare me through the study case with real businesses to face the challenges in the professional world.

Letizia Vassalo: I try to be sympathetic and to get involved in the project, providing my point of view of the different tasks.

  • What is one difference between education in (Russia, Morocco, Spain, Germany..) and education in France?

Karima Boujane: The education in France is based on real study cases which gave more professionalizing aspect to the training. It also inhance the employability of its students unlike the education in Morocco which is mainly based on theoretical courses.

Letizia Vassalo: The German formation is very practice oriented one and therefore very similar to the education provide at Audencia Business School.

  • Last words of advice? Or (Do you have any tips for aspiring student?)

Karima Boujane: I learned a lot. You should definitely be open to opportunities, meeting new people and getting involved with activities and cultural events organized by Audencia Business School.

Letizia Vassalo: In my opinion Audencia Business School is a performing Business School who cares about their students and their success.

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