Audencia’s Business Forum viewed by the MCI

About the Forum

Audencia Business School organizes several job forums a year, which aims to recruit trainees and/or recent graduates from different programs of the school. The Forum meets really demands of companies.

More than 1000 students participate to this two-days event in which 75 companies and start-ups from all sectors of business (agribusiness, industry, energy, media, counsel, finance, etc.) are present.



How to grasp it?

The Business Forum is the first contact with the potential recruiters. It is very important to know inside out companies before arriving and to bear in mind that it is a chance for us to exchange with companies, to share our experience with them, and especially to attract them.

The list of participating companies is provided by Audencia a few days ago before the Forum, so it is easy to target a field of activity, or some specific companies. Audencia Careers is not only present to help students with their personal CV, but also to identify clearly their professional projects.



Unfolding and feedback 

The forum was well organized and structured. The wide range of companies offer many choices adapting to his/her profiles.

We can say that this first experience was successful, especially that the forum took place just two weeks after the beginning of courses. On one hand, we had the opportunity to test very early the relevance of our CV to the expectations of the job market and to make any corrections, on the other hand, the exchange we had with the professionals allowed us to have broader view on the opportunities in the job market and to better build our professional projects.

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Finally, after many interviews, we have learned how to better value our candidacy and make it noticeable among dozens of profiles while leaving the good impression to the recruiters. We should also note that 60% of the students in class received at least one interview call for pre-hire internship.

However, many companies are looking for student who will be available from January but MCI students will end their courses at the end of March, which have created incoherence between the demands of companies and timetable of students. Some companies have advised students to attend the next session for July.

Besides, many opportunities are offered in France. Some international opportunities are also available for those who are keen on foreign languages and cultures. Some non-French-speaking students may encounter French knowledge or work permit restriction problems during their interview in the Forum, but overall, this Forum enables MCI students to have a dialogue with employers and thus enables them to get the first insight into the job market and many employers have showed their strong interests in double competence and diversity of backgrounds that MCI students are proud of offering.



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