Le certificat « Maximizing Global Performance »

Au cours notre formation au Mastère spécialisé Management et Compétences Internationales (MCI), les étudiants ont la possibilité de s’inscrire au certificat international « Maximizing Global performance » en partenariat avec Audencia, l’université de Boston (US) et de Monterrey (Mexique). L’alliance de ses trois grandes écoles donne accès à des enseignements en ligne tournés vers les stratégies à Read more

Why choose the MCI Program

If you are reading this article, then you already have your degree or you are completing your final year project, and you are suddenly plunged into a long period of deep reflection about applying for an extra training that will help you further your skills and grow personally and professionally. Well, the MS MCI is Read more

Fintech : When technologies and Financial Services come together

What is FinTech ? Over the last years, technologies have brought many changes to the industrial world, helping improving companies services and performance and making life more easier for consumers. In the 21st century, Financial Technology, or simply FinTech, emerged and has been shaping the financial world since then by providing corporates, business owners, investors Read more

MCI London trip

London, United Kingdom’s capital city, is the largest city in Europe with more than 8 million inhabitants and more than 1500 km² within its walls. The city is well known for its dynamism, its wide cultural diversity, its rich history and above all, for its business attractiveness. The Audencia Business School MCI program chose to Read more

MCI students as close as possible to the impacts of Brexit

During their learning trip and just one month before the theoretical effectivity of Brexit, MCI students had the opportunity to get an overview of the situation and its practical consequences on the country and on businesses. Why does the UK want to leave Europe? The UK entered the European Union in 1973 after two first failed Read more

L’investissement en Afrique au cœur du Mastère MCI

  Grâce aux changements opérés dans les politiques et à l’amélioration de la gouvernance et de la gestion, l’Afrique a enregistré les taux de croissance les plus élevés depuis l’accession des pays africains à l’indépendance. La proportion de la population vivant dans l’extrême pauvreté a cessé d’augmenter, et les changements démocratiques deviennent la norme, tandis Read more

MCI Program: « You can handle a lot of work »

Let us meet with Tamim Elbasha, our professor in Strategic Management, to know his opinion and advices about our Management and Compétences Internationales Program. If you would like to have a look at Mr Elbasha’s resume and activities, please visit Audencia’s website. INTERVIEW Could you please introduce yourself? Tamim Elbasha: « My name is Tamim ELBASHA Read more

Audencia, an international environment

How to improve our international skills, if it is not without to practice close to different people from all nationalities ? Audencia Business School is an international business school which welcomes students around fifty different nationalities. This article will give you an idea of the international atmosphere inside the study class. Karima Boujane from the specialized Read more

Audencia’s Business Forum viewed by the MCI

About the Forum Audencia Business School organizes several job forums a year, which aims to recruit trainees and/or recent graduates from different programs of the school. The Forum meets really demands of companies. More than 1000 students participate to this two-days event in which 75 companies and start-ups from all sectors of business (agribusiness, industry, Read more

Graduate Programs or how to reach top-management quickly?

How to reach top-management quickly? It must take years or even decades to reach a strategic position in a multinational company… Unless you undergo a Graduate Program! What is that? How to get into it? What is the added-value? How Audencia help us? This article answers all those questions. Read more