MCI Program: « You can handle a lot of work »

Let us meet with Tamim Elbasha, our professor in Strategic Management, to know his opinion and advices about our Management and Compétences Internationales Program.

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Could you please introduce yourself?

Tamim Elbasha: « My name is Tamim ELBASHA and I’m a lecturer at Audencia and an associate professor in strategic management. I also am the director of the MBA program. »

What’s your opinion about the MCI students?

T. E.: « I am thinking of a few words about the MCI students:

– diverse is one them: you’ve got a really diverse background

– motivated is another one:  you come with a lot of motivation, you work very hard even if we give you more work, you can handle it, you can deliver it in a short time and manage to do it

open-minded: you come here with an open-minded to learn more about what’s going on and about different parts of the world and inhere »

What are the main strengths and difficulties of the MCI program for the students?

T. E.: « Well I see the MCI students for the International Business Strategy Module and the MBA Consultancy project and the main strength what I see is the diversity you bring along: engineers talk to doctors, lawyers, etc. The students don’t come from the same background and that’s a crazy challenge for them because when you engage a learning and you try to facilitate a learning for such a group, it’s not the easiest. You don’t share the same background so you have to make sure you cover the basics and you don’t borrow the people who already know it.

I think the main challenge for the students is the fact that you have a lot to do in a short period of time, to gain competencies very quickly, hard competencies in terms of theory and soft competencies in terms of skills to go to the job market and I think that is hard for you to manage. »

 MCI should be prepared for a very dense program and get on with it.

You also are the director of the MBA program, could you tell us more about the consultancy project between the MBA students and MCI students?

T. E.: « I think I’ve been teaching in the MCI program now for 5 years or so. The idea came a couple years ago when we were talking with Beatrice, the director of the MCI, and we came together thinking that it would very beneficial for both groups to be mixed in this project.

For the MBA, they are mostly international, we have very few local students and they have a little bit more experience (about 5/6 years in average) but they are looking for challenges and that match very nicely with the MCI students: they are also looking for challenges, they’ve got a little bit of experience, they’re well ready to go into career which is in management and this is where we came together and thought mixing them would be very nice.

You have a lot to do in a short period of time

That has been successful last year and this year as well as you can ‘live’ at the moment, so at this moment we’re running the project, you have all different kind of subjects, we call them consultancy missions and they are basically consultancy projects with companies about international expansion ,about improving products and services, forecasting for products and services, forecasting markets and so on and so forth.

I think coming together with those two programs will help them learn from each other very much: learning from each other is as much as learning from the program and from the project itself. »


Where are the students from the MBA from?

T. E.: « So we’ve got 18 nationalities this year in a classroom of 30. We have students from Latin America, Colombians, Mexicans, Brazilians but also US students, students from the African continent, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ouganda. We’ve got a lot of Asian students as well: 3 from China, 3 from Vietnam,  3 from India and one from Kazakhstan. We also have a couple of Middle East students this year from Irak and Syria and finally 2 local students but they are the minority as you can see. »


What would be your advice for student next year? 

T. E.: « MCI should be prepared for a very dense program and get on with it. It’s going to be overwhelming but just go through it, keep you down and do the work, participate at every event that you can, you’re gonna come out of very quickly, quicker than you think. You start in September and you’re overwhelmed with stuff and suddenly you’re in May and you’re searching for an internship. So I think it’s very dense, very short but you’ll be fine, that’s my advice ! »


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