The 5 most important financial aspects when moving to Nantes

Have you got accepted in one of Audencia programs and wondering how much does it cost to live in Nantes? Are you thinking to apply for Audencia and planning your financial expenses in Nantes? This article will walk you through the five most important financial aspects to take into consideration when moving to Nantes.

The five most important financial aspects

Moving from one place to another is always frustrating, especially if you are an international student moving for the first time to France and wondering to which amount should your monthly budge rise. This article will give you a quick introduction about the five essential aspects every new “Nantais” should know.

Accommodation, the monthly rent may vary according to the accommodation category that you chose for your stay in Nantes. You can be hosted by a French family where you rent a room in their apartment and this usually cost you 300-400 euros. Renting your own studio or private apartment may be another option that will cost you 450-650 euros. It is very essential to know that the CAF will allocate to you a monthly aid that vary between 130-172 euros if you fulfill the required conditions. 

Transportation, the local transportation network (bus, tram) is provided by « Tan ». While the one-hour ticket price varies between 1.5-1.7 euros according to the method of payment, the monthly pass cost 40 euros (age < 26) and 69 euros (age > 26). Alternative transportation means can be renting a bike (30 euros/month) or an uber taxi ride (13-45 euros). There are an SNCF gare and an airport in Nantes that connect you to most of the French and European cities. 

Food, you should allocate an average budget of 350 euros a month for food and house requirements. Some prices examples below: 1. 1 kg of rice / 1 euro 2. Baguette/ 0.5 euro 3. 1 kg of chicken breath/ 9 euros 4. 1 kg of chicken wings/ 5 euros 5. 1 kg of shrimps/ 15 euros The Crous restaurants can be an alternative solution if you don’t want to cook at home. They offer a dinner for 3.3 euros for student, but the sad news is that crous restaurants are only available on schooldays. If you are looking to eat out, a dinner will cost you 15-25 euros per person. 

Telecommunication and utilities, the electricity bill fluctuates among seasons, with an average of 30 euros per month during hot seasons and 50 euros per month during cold seasons. The fiber optic unlimited internet bill will vary between 15 and 25 euros per month while the mobile bill will be round 20 euros per month. 

Culture and leisure, Nantes is very famous for its rich culture scene, offering medieval castles and cathedrals, art and cultural museums, parks, cinemas and theaters. While the entrance to the parks and some architectural highlights are free of charge, you should consider paying a reduced fee for the other activities as follows: 1. Museums: 5-10 euros 2. Cinemas: 7-8 euros 3. Opera: 15-30 euros

In conclusion, an average monthly budget of 900 euros should cover all your needs in Nantes.